The Grim Mantle

8th session

The party woke up underwater to see that the Island had been torn apart by the explosion, there were only 5 survivors including Tanner, the king of the basement.
The party took Tanner and the other 4 survivors, one of which was a guard into their mansion and reported back to Rohan.

Rohan told them that the creature that attacked them had never been seen before.
Smithy sold Tai a tiara and Nehwa a slayer Khatar.

The party were told they had to infiltrate the Imperial palace to exterminate Rogu before he could pose a problem to their attempts to overthrow the Queen, and were given disguises.
Tai is dressed in a guards uniform, Lucy in a court attendants suit and Meekosh in Lavander skinny jeans and a Black sleeveless trench coat, Nehwa is wearing a ninja outfit.



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