The Grim Mantle

The grand ball

The Party attended the grand ball at the Imperial Palace,
The party left their realm via a mirror on the balcony of one of the higher floors,
they then walked through an art gallery into a sitting room, strewn with couches and canapes
the party egotiated their way through the social traps of Imperial life ad evetually persuaded a Tal’darini delegation to help them find Rogu, in return the Ta’darini asked for the party to get the Prince William of Eisenfell alone with their agent.
The party coordinated a staged demon attack against Xi (dressed as a Noble) in order to get Will alone.
Lucy approached prince William and told him of the Demon attack, Will responded with haste and moved towards the western wall of the palace gardens on the way there Lucy nearly bumped into queen Aiya herself, who dismissed her immediately, drawing a snide comment from Will.
Will then approached Xi and Newah, (Who was posing as a demon) and drew his sword to fight.
then the Tal’darn operative named Jamal stepped behind Will and Summoned the sun god Rhan. who said “Get our of my land” to Will,
who respoded, “It’s good to see you again Rhan”

8th session

The party woke up underwater to see that the Island had been torn apart by the explosion, there were only 5 survivors including Tanner, the king of the basement.
The party took Tanner and the other 4 survivors, one of which was a guard into their mansion and reported back to Rohan.

Rohan told them that the creature that attacked them had never been seen before.
Smithy sold Tai a tiara and Nehwa a slayer Khatar.

The party were told they had to infiltrate the Imperial palace to exterminate Rogu before he could pose a problem to their attempts to overthrow the Queen, and were given disguises.
Tai is dressed in a guards uniform, Lucy in a court attendants suit and Meekosh in Lavander skinny jeans and a Black sleeveless trench coat, Nehwa is wearing a ninja outfit.

7th session
The Lightbringer

The Party fought and killed a giant armored creature made of light.
After chipping away at its breast plate they finally weakened it enough to break through it’s shell
Once it was weak enough Meekosh punched through the rent in it’s breastplate ad tore out a small black crystal, that after Tai failed to kick away exploded in a brilliant ball of light that tore the island in half

Meekosh 6 boxes of damage 20 essence left
Tai 1 damage 8 essence
Luciel 0 damage no personal pool left
Newah 0 damage o personal pool left

5th session

The party infiltrated the Tian prision via the second floor open faced cells, they knocked out 5 guards and a prisoner before freeing Meekosh and moving downstairs.
on the 1st floor they overheard 2 guards talking about “visitors taking up time” and :polishing their armour for the VIPs"

They were then attacked by 2 mysterious assassins, one of which wounded Tai with a tiger claw stab to the side and the other of which wounded Luceial with a throwing knife to the shoulder.

One of the assassins was grappled by Neawah while the other one escaped, after taking a savage blow to the face from Tai.
The grappled one would only say “My queen will avenge me”

4th session

Meekosh is arrested and sent to Tian Island.
is imprisioned with Bang, who hates the sea.
Xi and Lucieal walked into the water at the dock, they were noticed by some dock workers who tried to save them, but after seeing them walking on the sea floor ran
and started shouting “Gui” which is imperial for ghost.
Xi and Lucieal walk on the bottom of the ocean to sneak up to the island fortress
Lucieal noticed a movement on the rocky face of the embankment but couldn’t
see any details.

3rd Session

The Party entered the empire and met with the resistance contact Fu-Yin
After meeting Fu-yin An Imperial Gunlancer attacked the party.

Ti summoned his anima and terrified the gunlancer
Meekosh terrified the gunlancer by summoning the soul of a man he had killed
Newah carried Xi into the air to deliver the killing blow.
Xi tumbled through the Air to decapitate the gunlancer cleanly.

Tomorrow the party are to attack the imperial prision to rescue the war hero and dissenters Rogu and Hurn.

Rogu was one of General Argus’s first commanders and is a millitary master.
Hurn is a younger politician and a firm supporter of the imperial faith.

First session

Barrett’s Irregulars clashed with the demonic forces at the northern wall, in what will later be referred to as “The God War”

The company took heavy losses, including Canada the Pikeman and Armout the Medic.
After being slain by the demons, Canada and Armout met a mysterious creature called “Rowan” that offered them another chance at life, provided they served the mysterious “Raven Queen”
The two mercenaries were then filled with a dark and powerful energy that returned them from the dead as Abyssals, horrifying undead servants of the Raven Queen.

They eagerly await their first mission in service of their new master.

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