The Grim Mantle

The grand ball

The Party attended the grand ball at the Imperial Palace,
The party left their realm via a mirror on the balcony of one of the higher floors,
they then walked through an art gallery into a sitting room, strewn with couches and canapes
the party egotiated their way through the social traps of Imperial life ad evetually persuaded a Tal’darini delegation to help them find Rogu, in return the Ta’darini asked for the party to get the Prince William of Eisenfell alone with their agent.
The party coordinated a staged demon attack against Xi (dressed as a Noble) in order to get Will alone.
Lucy approached prince William and told him of the Demon attack, Will responded with haste and moved towards the western wall of the palace gardens on the way there Lucy nearly bumped into queen Aiya herself, who dismissed her immediately, drawing a snide comment from Will.
Will then approached Xi and Newah, (Who was posing as a demon) and drew his sword to fight.
then the Tal’darn operative named Jamal stepped behind Will and Summoned the sun god Rhan. who said “Get our of my land” to Will,
who respoded, “It’s good to see you again Rhan”



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